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Ballyhoo, combined with either a chugger head or small lure like the gfly sucker lure shown in the video, proves irresistible to dolphin. Mark the belly where the hook needs to come out by sliding a scale out of the way and. Fish this lure ballyhoo circle hook combo as you would a more traditional circle hook trolling rig, complete with dropbacks. The simplest and easiest way to rig a ballyhoo for striped marlin and tunas. Naked ballyhoo with circles inline with bait or above head like you have probably seen are the only way i feel comfortable fishing with them while trolling.

Pull the rigging wire to the front of the chin weight then around the chin weight and through the eye sockets again. Lining up the hook ahead of time to find out where the proper exit point is ensures that you wont make an additional, unnecessary hole in your ballyhoo or softbait, diminishing the swimming action and degrading the bait. The 2pc kit comes with, two cleaning tools for large and small ballyhoo. How to rig a swivel circle hook ballyhoo for trolling. The best way to ensure a solid hook up on a white marlin is to rig with circle hooks. Oring ballyhoo circle hook rigging marlin magazine. Rig the australianstyle swimming mackerel typically, i will use this rig with 200poundtest fluorocarbon leader and an 110 or 120 circle hook at a speed of 5 to 7 knots. Mar 26, 2018 this circle hook ballyhoo rig is great for trolling baits for sailfish, marlin or tuna. Hook placement is crucial and having pressure on the curve of the hook will cause the bait to spin. Ss 80 hook and includes a wire for ballyhoo rigging your needs.

The materials needed to make your very own swimming ballyhoo include leader material, 18inch double line loop created with floss, 12 oz egg sinker, scissors, circle hook and fresh ballyhoo the tutorial states that the rigging techniques advantage allows you to easily premake and stack your baits in a baitbox or. Going about ballyhoo rigging the right way is vital, or your hook up rate will be pretty dismal. Get rugged surf rods and standing roads for inshore coastal fishing along with rigging kits, beads and snelled hooks. Ballyhoo are like candy to game fish, so you can land just about anything on a properly rigged bait. However, the x rig stands apart from the packits quick, simple and provides a great swimming action.

How to rig a swivel circle hook ballyhoo for trolling youtube. A rigged ballyhoo trolled behind a blue and white ilander lure is probably the single most popular trolled bait there is. The deadly dink swims best on light trolling outfits 20, 30 or 50poundclass with light fluorocarbon leaders 60 to 125poundtest max and 70 tournament circle hooks. Circlehook skirted ballyhoo the biggest problem that anglers had with the circle hook regulations was abandoning their ilander ballyhoo combos. Slide the tag ends through the lower jaw of the ballyhoo and then wrap the remainder around the beak. The best live ballyhoo rig with a circle hook into the. Ballyhoo 101, rigged ballyhoo salt water sportsman. A simple method for rigging a circlehook swimming ballyhoo using a small rubber oring.

All bait is brined, blast frozen, and vacuum packed for uncompromised quality. Because a circle hook is now mandatory in most billfish tournaments, anglers around the globe have struggled to find the rig for a live ballyhoo. You can learn more about these cookies and general information about how to change your cookie settings by clicking here. Dec 11, 2014 a common bait on the majority of our fishing charters is ballyhoo. Ballyhoo o rings sport fishing supply store south florida.

Ron hamlins declaration that he would use nothing but circle hooks when fishing with bait. He sets up this rig on a short length of wire to protect it from biteoffs and uses a sea witch for additional flare. Popular models include the crosby l320an sling hook and the pewag grade 80 eld alloy swivel hook, which makes. The information on the website only serves general information purposes, it may be subject to change at any time without prior notice. Ballyhoo pin rig for dredge fishing marlin on dailymotion. Rigging ballyhoo with circle hooks not for marlin youtube.

Offset circle hooks will not allow the bait to swim straight and are not legal in most billfish tournaments. This site uses and sets cookies on your computer to help improve this websites performance. Grade 63 stainless steel 5 for general rigging and hoisting applications, a general rigging hook is really the way to go. Dale wills in the last 10 years nothing has been more influential to the way we fish than the use of circle hooks. Circle hooks have tremendous hookup rates and almost 100% release survival. It is a simple method that allows for quick changing of baits, extended running time before washing out and a reduced number of deephooked fish. You can rig up a cooler full of fishready baits in no time once you get the hang of it and set up a little production line, and they can be changed out on the hook in an. Rigging ballyhoo for offshore fishing in the spread. Break the backbone, remove the eyes and pectoral fins, and press out the innards. This particular hook is a shortshank, extra strong model and is reasonably priced. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about html5 video.

In particular, how to rig a naked ballyhoo with a circle hook the quickest way possible the team ripper way this is a critical skill if you are targeting billfish or pelagics especially if you are fishing in igfa tournaments or trying to qualify for any igfa records heres what you need. Jul 27, 2012 this fast and easy method for rigging a weighted circle hook ballyhoo is so easy that no excuses remain for not fishing circle hook when billfishing. When trolling a standard deadbait spread of circle hookrigged ballyhoo, anglers often need to incorporate a bit of extra color and a splash of action. Much of the ballyhoo rigging weve covered in recent years has spun out of necessary adjust ments to billfish tactics centered on implementing circle hooks where required. Port aransas fishing and rockport texas fishing guide. Heres the ballyhoo rigging method top charter captains use. These hooks are bestsuited for use with wire rope slings and synthetic web slings, or attached to winch lines.

With baits aboard, there are a couple quick ways to rig for action. How to rig a ballyhoo for billfish costa rica fishing fecop. While many anglers have shifted to using circle hooks for billfish, j hooks remain a popular choice, especially when targeting big mahimahi. The alltime mostpopular trolling bait just might be the ballyhoo, which can be rigged a number of ways with a circle hook including behind a chugger. It also gives you a fighting chance on toothy critters even though you may be fishing a mono or flouro leader.

This is especially important when targeting blue marlin, which seem to have an easier time homing in on a bait that creates more commotion in the spread. The long shank also offers added protection when presenting baits to toothy critters like bluefish. Sea striker ppr20 pompano circle double drop circle hook rigs featuring laser sharp by eagle claw circle hooks. Rig your ballyhoo, put your circle hook through the o ring and youre ready to fish. Quickest way to rig a ballyhoo with a circle hook youtube.

Baitmasters rigging tips baitmasters of south florida. Now lay the rig on the ballyhoo, paying attention to lining up the copper wire with the upper flap of the mouth. The oring ballyhoo is great for targeting sailfish and white marlin on circle hooks. The longshank hook also offers some chance of success with wahoo. When using this method, theres no room for dropbacks, so to improve your percentages you can add an extra hook to your bait.

Danmaintains that you will increase and improve your billfish hookup ratio. Many crews troll this ballyhoo rig with wire line or braid behind a trolling lead or planer. When i switched the spread over to small, naked swimming ballyhoo, we filled the box in short order. In 1998, circle hooks exploded on the american sportfishing scene with capt. Their beak, and elongated shape does means that a special approach is required. You can rig up several dozen of these baits and keep them in the cooler. How to rig a circlehook chugger ballyhoo fishtrack. He says that it is very easy to do, and all fishermen should use circle hooks when billfishing.

Circle hooks are designed to catch in the corner of a fishs mouth so that the fish does not get gut hooked. This fast and easy method for rigging a weighted circle hook ballyhoo is so easy that no excuses remain for not fishing circle hook when. Just slip the hook into the oring and drop the bait back. A simple method for rigging a circle hook swimming ballyhoo using a small rubber oring. Ballyhoo can be rigged with a single circle hook in the same manner as with j hooks. Ken neill and crew brought a solution back from venezuela. The double hook ballyhoo swims deep and makes a great bait to target king mackerel and wahoo. Snip the ballyhoos snoot just ahead of the wraps and insert a circle hook snelled to the leader through the oring to ride atop the head. Hi everyone as part of our mission to help you spend more time fishing put some of the best videos on how to rig ballyhoo that the web has to offer in one place. When making this rig for billfish, i like to use a 60 or 70 mustad 9175 hook with a medium or small ballyhoo. Sea strike ppr20 pompano 2drop circle hook rig, 20 e.

Baitmasters ballyhoo packs melton international tackle. These baits consistently outperform others due to superior processing, packaging, and rigging techniques. This is really the first natural bait presentation you should learn when getting into bluewater trolling. It takes a bit of practice and you can rig fast and easy every time.

For most midatlantic anglers, the sticky point of the circle hook rule came when they had to abandon their traditional ilander and horse ballyhoo rig in tournament fishing. It elicits exceptional action from the ballyhoo, especially when it is limbered up by breaking the backbone, and is wellsuited for fish that engulf the entire bait, such as tuna, billfish and dolphin. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Be sure to sharpen the hooks before rigging the bait because they are never sharp enough out of the box. Fewer billfish are guthooked with circle hooks, which reduces postrelease mortality. Slip a lure head or skirt onto the trailer, then crimp the trailer to the bend of an inline circle hook. Rigging a weighted circle hook ballyhoo captain dan kipnis shows us a fast and easy way to rig a weighted circle hook ballyhoo setup for trolling. Wrap the wire back on itself for about 1 centimeter. Deckhands may spend hours rigging hundreds of ballyhoo in. Longshank hooks are ideal for rigging ballyhoo when trolling for billfish, tuna, wahoo, dolphinfish, and king mackerel.

However, if you plan on fishing any billfish tournaments in the atlantic, you better get used to circle hooks. This holds the gills closed and forms a keel which will help the bait track straight. Some of the most important tips from this bluewater fishing video. Here is a list of ballyhoo rigging tools you will need and will see in the video. The announcement came as he was accepting the billfish foundations annual release award for the most pacific sailfish in a single season 546 sails caught on j hooks in 1997. But scott has found one surefire way to rig a ballyhoo so that the hook is set in the corner of the fishs mouth, every time.

Baitmasters offers only the highest quality bait available. For tuna, dolphin, and wahoo, you can use this method. Aug 05, 2017 rigging ballyhoo with circle hooks not for marlin duration. When sold by, this product is manufactured on demand using dvdr recordable media. The video below shows you one way to rig a ballyhoo with a circle hook. Perfect for stinger hooks as in kingfish rigs and also through the shell of live crabs when bottom fishing. In particular, how to rig a naked ballyhoo with a circle hook the quickest way possible the team ripper way this is a critical skill if you are targeting billfish or pelagics especially if you are fishing in igfa tournaments or trying to qualify for any igfa records. Here is a great video that explains how to correctly rig a ballhoo. Splitbill rigging does not lend itself to using a lure over the nose of. Images and content on this site are property of e rigging. There are several methods to rig ballyhoo on circle hooks, and they all may work. Mustad 3407ssd 80 hooks 10 pieces ballyhoo rigging springs 10 pieces mini copper crimps 1. The three ballyhoo rigs every offshore fisherman should know.

When the bite gets hot the oring makes putting a new bait on your circle hook a breeze. Start by prepping your ballyhoo as you would in any bait rigging scenario. I learned about rigging ballyhoo with a circle hook while fishing in isla mujeres, mexico aboard the magic lady out of quincy. A fourinch length of copper wire twisted either through the eye of 60 to 80 circle hook depending on brand or simply around the bend, leaving a couple inches of tag end. Ive watched a few videos on how to rig a circle hook on live ballyhoo with wire on the bend of the circle hook and then 34 inches of wire is pushed through the lower jaw and then wrapped around the beak hook is not touching the hoo and was wondering if the hook should be positioned in such a way that the bend and point is above the beak or below the beakor does it not matter at all.

Rigging station presented by diamond fishing products, makers of the finest monofiliment and braided fishing line in the world. Hooks, re rigging kits, rigging tools, spreader bar. Many guys have used circle hooks for bottom fishing, but rigging them for trolling is not as common. Before the rule change, the typical offshore arsenal consisted of dink baits for whites, sails, spears or dolphin and ilander ballyhoo combos for blue marlin, wahoo and tuna.

Ballyhoo pin rig kit hooks, rigging springs, copper crimps. Form a trailer loop of 100 to 300pound mono just large enough to fit over the ballyhoo s head. The best ballyhoo rigging method for offshore trolling. Start by wrapping a length of copper wire around the oring once, making sure its tight. With circle hooks, most fish will be hooked in the corner of the jaw, and its. Using circle hooks in trolling lures any fisherman that practices the art of game fishing knows how important it is in getting everything right, the last thing you want after investing the money in fuel, gear and time is to eventually hook a that proverbial needle in the haystack only to have it spit the hooks back in your face. Push the rigging wire straight up through the bottom of the ballyhoo s chin and through the hinge joint in the upper lip. This instructional video teaches the proper techniques for rigging circle hooks with bait for billfishing and is a musthave for any angler wanting to see the proven ways of rigging bait. On a recent trip to the hudson canyon amid reports of longfin tuna in the area, we couldnt get bit on the typical mix of plastics. In this way you have the chance to troll your dead bait up to 10 knots 4 oz lead and to have the best hookup possible. This rig uses a small rubber oring, often called a biscuit or donut, attached to a short length of copper rigging wire. Ringer swivels rig a circle hook ballyhoo in less than a. We use an 80 circle hook with this bait, he reports.

With this rig, the circle hook is free to rotate in any direction, and baits can be replaced quickly and easily, even with a novice crew. The hooks pictured are the l2004el 70, l2004g, and the l2045 180. Terminal tackle rigging rigging accessories categories. The best way to ensure a solid hookup on a white marlin is to rig with circle hooks.

Tips for trolling live ballyhoo salt water sportsman. Good for bills, maybe, but not sure about meatfish. When trolling a standard deadbait spread of circle hook rigged ballyhoo, anglers often need to incorporate a bit of extra color and a splash of action. Ringer swivels ringer swivels circle hook rigging for. This rig, either on mono, fluorocarbon or singlestrand wire, represents the standard goto ballyhoo trolling rig. Top 3 fish finder mistakes most anglers make duration. This fast and easy method for rigging a weighted circle hook ballyhoo is so easy that no excuses remain for not fishing circle hook when billfishing. Jan 20, 2011 for most midatlantic anglers, the sticky point of the circle hook rule came when they had to abandon their traditional ilander and horse ballyhoo rig in tournament fishing.

In particular, how to rig a naked ballyhoo with a circle hook the quickest way possible the team ripper way this is a critical skill if you are targeting billfish or pelagics especially if you are fishing in igfa tournaments or trying to. Sep 27, 2011 he feels that rigging with floss is too timeconsuming but for the past two years or so, i have been using flossrigged ballyhoo for circle hooks with good success. Rigging ilanderballyhoo with circle hooks 360 tuna the. Blue and white is the go to color of choice, but there are many options out there like this black and red a good choice for wahoo. Justin rieger usually makes a point to brine his ballyhoo overnight for best results. To get started youll need a ballyhoo, circle hook, orings, copper rigging wire, rigging needle and your choice of chugger head. Pull straight up on the wire to snug the chin weight, then wrap around the leader and mouth two or three. Captain dan kipnis shows the quickest and easiest method for rigging a naked circle hook ballyhoo. The quickest way to rig a ballyhoo with a circle hook video. If you want to change things up or add a largerprofile swimbait to your spread, this mackerel is a great option. Jun 24, 2009 as for rigging with circles, the only way ive seen a lure with ballyhoo rigged with circle hook was with the circle above the lure and hoo. Fishermen are amazingly creative when it comes to rigging baits. How to rig a ballyhoo, rigging ballyhoo for trolling. Oring ballyhoo rig for circle hooks and fishing for billfish.

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