The macedonia man in the book of acts 16

Paul answered the call and he, along with silas and luke, undertook the journey described in todays scripture passage. New american standard 1977 and a vision appeared to paul in the night. Timothy joins 1 come to macedonia and help us 6 lydia baptized at philippi 11. Acts chapter 16 david guziks commentaries on the bible. Acts 16 commentary james burton coffman commentaries on.

The appearance of a man who was known to be of macedonia, probably by his dress and language. Four, through a vision, the man from macedonia calls paul to macedonia. Pauls missionary work in philippi and macedonia acts 16. Paul has a vision of a man of macedonia come over to macedonia and help us. They had made huge commitments and sacrifices in order to go out on this long and dangerous missionary journey, but things werent.

Acts 16 commentary matthew henrys complete commentary. He had a vision of a man in macedonia pleading with paul to come and help them. No dream is mentioned in the new testament, except that of joseph, and of pilates wife. Acts 16 commentary matthew henrys complete commentary on. Macedonia proper lies to the north of the aegean sea, within a few hours sail of troas. Paul immediately obeyed what he knew god was telling him to do and silas, timothy and luke who joined the team in troas got on a ship and prepared to travel to macedonia. This chapter has the continuation of the second missionary tour, relating the revisiting of lystra and derbe acts 16. Would to god that those who hear a macedonian man today will respond the way paul and his team responded. Paul has a vision of a macedonian man asking for help 2. The visit he made to the churches for their establishment, acts 16.

His call to macedonia after a restraint he had been under from going to some other places, and his coming to philippi, the chief city of macedonia, with his entertainment there, acts 16. The use of we indicates luke, the author, has now joined them iii. And he took him and circumcised him because of the jews who were in that region, for they all knew that his father was greek. And this is the pastor of the church bringing the message entitled the man of macedonia. Paul and his companions conclude god wants them to go to macedonia 3. The holy spirit did not let them preach the good news in asia. Oct 21, 20 peter and john heal a man crippled since birth duration. Like peters, it called him to labor in fields before unentered. That man or woman may be welleducated, or have no education at all. The will of god was at different times made known in both. When paul saw the man from macedonia begging him to come and help, he knew that this was from god.

God has chosen to use his people to help lost people learn the way of salvation. Heeding the mans plea to come over to macedonia, paul altered his plans. Acts 16 is the sixteenth chapter of the acts of the apostles in the new testament of the christian bible. So they tried to go into bithynia in the north, but the holy spirit stopped them again. This was a strong, godly man, leading a strong, godly team. Acts 16 niv timothy joins paul and silas bible gateway. Prior to the verses we just read, paul received what is known as the macedonian call. The region located across the aegean sea on the mainland of greece. On pauls second missionary journey he started out with silas as his companion, and was joined by young timothy in lystra. The man stood there and begged, come over to macedonia. Our scripture passage from acts starts out with a series of experiences which must have been extremely disheartening and discouraging for paul and his companions.

The book containing this chapter is anonymous but early christian tradition uniformly affirmed that luke composed this book as well as the gospel of luke. Acts 16, new international version niv the bible app. Bypassing mysia nw turkey, they arrived at troas the coast of mysia ac 16. Acts 16 commentary james burton coffman commentaries on the. Feb 18, 2017 paul teams up with silas, timothy, and luke. And while they were in this place, undetermined, probably, to what coast of europe they should sail, if, according to their intention, they crossed the sea. It records the second missionary journey of paul, together with silas and timothy. Some make this man to be the tutelar angel of macedonia, supposing angels to have charge of particular places as well as persons, and that so much is intimated dan. The cities of philippi and thessalonica were located there. Getting started tell of a time you shared the gospel with another person in your everyday experience. After paul expels a demon, paul and silas are thrown into prison. Concluding that the lord was calling them to preach the gospel in macedonia b. It could hardly have been more than twelve months after the momentous jerusalem conference, recorded in acts 15, that paul felt the old urge to be up and away again on a missionary expedition. They traveled west through phrygia and the region of galatia, but were forbidden by the holy spirit to preach the gospel there.

But a different world conqueror came when paul arrived with his small missionary group in obedience to the vision of the pleading man of macedonia acts 16. The acts 16, international childrens bible icb the bible app. Whether the man from macedonia was alexander the great begging paul to save his brethren or whether it was just a vision sent by god, the fact remains that god did not forget the people of macedonia even 400 years after their king declared himself to be equal to god. From troas, by way of samothrace and neapolis, pauls company arrive at philippi. It was in macedonia he led lydia to the lord, and it was there that the evangelization of the western world began. There stood a man of macedonia, and prayed him, saying, come over into macedonia, and help us. In acts 16, paul and his companions travel to macedonia where they meet lydia, seller of purple. We understood that god had called us to tell the good news to those people. The church of jesus christ of latterday saints 2,035,635 views. Acts 16 new international version niv timothy joins paul and silas.

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